“Most Christians are satisfied living as common Christians, without an insatiable hunger for the deeper things of God.” - A.W. Tozer

This is where my body wishes to settle but my spirit is uncomfortable.


dat teamwork

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The engineering firm, Arup designed a mock-up building aimed at sustainability, regeneration, and efficiency. Arup’s design would utilize vertical space to integrate agriculture, energy systems, and community in a way that is flexible and smart.

I want to work for this company

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Basically what’s happening in ferguson.

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”A qualified man with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests, will be led to right decisions by his conscience.

In general, a man who knows from whence he comes and where he is going will co-operate with his fellow human beings.

He will not be satisfied with merely doing his ordinary duties but will inspire others by his good example. “

- Haile Selassie I


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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2x09 - “Cased Up” (November 11, 1991)

It was supposed to be a joke, but tell me this shit ain’t relevant though.

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We’re not people really.  Our concerns are not America’s concerns.  We are just here for entertainment. We’re a convenient treasure trove of limitless creativity to be pillaged, watered down, and re-purposed for White audiences and the people getting rich from bastardized stereotypes and simplified caricatures of everything we bring to the table have nothing to say when shit gets really real.


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"Don’t let yourself feel worthless: often through life you will really be at your worst when you seem to think best of yourself; and don’t worry about losing your personality, as you persist in calling it: at fifteen you had the radiance of early morning, at twenty you will begin to have the melancholy brilliance of the moon, and when you are my age you will give out, as I do, the genial golden warmth of 4 p.m."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via wordsnquotes)

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"Emotions, in my experience, aren’t covered by single words. I don’t believe in sadness, joy, or regret. Maybe the best proof that the language is patriarchal is that it oversimplifies feeling. I’d like to have at my disposal complicated hybrid emotions, Germanic train-car constructions like, say, the happiness that attends disaster. Or: the disappointment of sleeping with one’s fantasy. I’d like to show how intimations of mortality brought on by aging family members connects with the hatred of mirrors that begins in middle age. I’d like to have a word for the sadness inspired by failing restaurants as well as for the excitement of getting a room with a minibar. I’ve never had the right words to describe my life, and now that I’ve entered my story, I need them more than ever."

- Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex (via wordsnquotes)

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Make it your job and duty to compliment, encourage, motivate, and love another Black person.


We are important.
We are valuable.
We are resilient.

We are Beautiful
We are Loving
We are Knowledgeable.

And enough of us don’t know it.
Pass on positive affirmations.
Let’s stop criticizing each other’s personal choices.
Let’s let each other live.

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